Welcome on the website of NiCoTa GmbH

NiCoTa was founded in the year 2003 and was dealing exclusively with the production and marketing of tobacco hybrid seeds of varieties which has been bred at the Agricultural Technology Center Augustenberg-Forchheim.

After the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg  has finished the engagement  in tobacco breeding at the end of the year 2013, NiCoTa GmbH has taken over the whole breeding process in private ownership, too. You will find the results of these breeding efforts always up to date by clicking the menu item: Variety Description of Hybrid Seeds

Additional to the production and marketing of tobacco hybrid seeds NiCoTa is offering now a large scale on services relating to tobacco cultivation. You will find the offers of NiCoTa GmbH by clicking the menu item: Fields of Activities & Service Features

Besides of direct features related to the expanded experimentation, warning and information services shall be continued. A list of these Services and the links to the actual websites you will find at the menu item: Information & Warning Services

Please send your order by eMail to bestellung@NiCoTa.de

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