Here you will find information about our range of Burley varieties

JupiterCR Local check variety
Variety with high leaf quality potential, but very succeptible to blue mold
HYB 3 Variety with stable (high)yield under different environmental conditions. High nornicotine content (Converter)
HYB 21 Until 2009 main variety in Germany. Very healthy variety, but a lot of ground suckers
HYB 22 High yieding variety with good leaf quality characteristic
HYB 24 Variety with medium yield and good leaf quality
HYB 26 High yielding variety combined with very good leaf quality

Main characteristics of the varieties under German conditions

Ertragsvergleich der Sorten Qualitätsvergleich der Sorten Nikotinvergleich der Sorten Convertervergleich der Sorten

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