Information and Warning Services

Broomrape Warning Service

Aim of the Broomrape Warning Service is to forecast the tubercle stadium (time, when broomrape settles on the tobacco root). The forcast is based on the sum of temperature corrected by the amount of rainfall, calculated
from the day of transplanting.

Usually the Service starts May 1st and will be terminated
by midst of July (please click here for download)

NiCoTa Blue Mold Info Service

The Blue Mold Information Service is a service, which will be provided from NiCoTa GmbH from 2021 on. Until 2020 this service was carried out under the umbrella of AERET but with the decline of AERET NiCoTa decided, to go on with this service on its own initiative.

Usually the Service starts on April 1st
and will be terminated on September 30th
(please click here for download)
Aphid Warning Service

Aphids are on the one hand direct pests on tobacco, on the other indirectly as a vector of virus diseases. Especially the occurence of early aphid populations can result indirectly in high damages, for example caused by PVY.

Usually the Service starts by midst of May
and will  be terminated by midst of July
(please click here for download)

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